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Buy fish responsibly 

We don't ship fish  via Post Office
Post office only for rations and medicines! 
Fish shipping only via carrier, see regions served and values in the deliveries menu 

When you buy a fish there is a process, we carry out the separation, we have a tank to store your fish until it is removed or sent, for this reason, make your purchase only if you are sure that you will be able to come pick it up or you will pay for the shipments of deliveries via carrier  ! 

Cancellation of Purchases will impose a fine of 50% of the purchase value, fee for work and separation and occupation of tank so only buy if you really want to! 

Delays in withdrawal are also subject to fines, the deal is never expensive. 

When buying and paying, we take it from the basis that you read all the information on the site, if you have questions, contact us via email or whatsapp to avoid inconvenience! 

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