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The creation 

We breed Nishikigoi / Koi and Kinguios carp, we do the entire process of Genetic Selection, spawning and fattening, always focusing on quality.

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The passion 

We don't work in our fish farming, after all we love what we do, we create true works of art from nature and for that reason we have selected the best products on this site for you too.  Love Fish! 

Discover our Online Store or come visit us   ! 

See how to buy ! 

Now you can buy Online without leaving home! 

Visit our Virtual store and discover the selection of products we have made especially for you! 

If you prefer, you can buy directly from our fish farm! 


Whatsapp  Automatic   


(14) 9 9669  - 5681

* Auto message only  

We deliver products all over Brazil! 

we deliver

Minimum Order  from R$ 3,500.00, lower values or other states just to be withdrawn, you don't need to have a CNPJ!   

Want to buy fish in small  the amount ? 

In that case you need to come get it!
We work at the Fish Farm from Wednesday to Sunday from 09:30 to 16:00, including holidays 
Address : Castelo Branco Highway KM 260 Avaré / SP 

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